You’ll find branches of just about all the main retail chains in Veldstraat and Lange Munt. If you venture off the ‘beaten track’ you’ll come across the smaller boutiques, in Volderstraat, Henegouwenstraat and Mageleinstraat, for example.

Near St James’ Church and in the Baudelostraat you can pick up lovely secondhand items for a song. Discover art and antiques in Steendam and Burgstraat.

There are shopping centres here too. Walk down Vlaanderenstraat to the modern Shopping Centre Ghent South on Wilsonplein (Wilson Square), opposite the public library.
.Is shopping your hobby? Then extend your stay at once! The selection in the car-free city centre is overwhelming. And as if there weren’t enough shops around, the market stall owners sell their wares in the various squares of the city and professional associations arrange festive clearance sales in the summer, complete with exceptional offers and special discounts.

From the beginning of June till the beginning of July, fairs are organised in the following streets:

Gouvernementstraat, Koestraat, Korte Dagsteeg, Walpoortstraat, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat, Lammerstraat, Platteberg, Korianderstraat, Grote Huidvettershoek, Waalse Krook, Sint-Baafsplein, Botermarkt, Braunplein, Sint-Niklaasstraat, Mageleinstraat, Bennesteeg, Heilige Geeststraat, Limburgstraat, Volderstraat, Henegouwenstraat, Lange Kruisstraat, Korte Kruisstraat, Poeljesmarkt

Lange Violettestraat and surrounding streets

Langemunt and surrounding streets