Ghent is located on the intersection of two major European motorways: the E17 connects Northern Europe to the South, and the E40 runs from the North Sea right across to Eastern Europe.
The Beachclub in Het Zoute and Ghent are situated at a distance of approximately 65 km from each other.

By Car

From the E17 you take the ‘Gent Centrum’ turnoff.
On the E40, from the motorway intersection in Zwijnaarde you first follow ‘Antwerpen’ (E17) and then take the ‘Gent Centrum’ turnoff.

The centre of the city of Ghent is a pedestrian area. The P-route leads you to the various car parks that give access to the city centre.


By Train

Take the train in Knokke, the railway station is at only 4 km from the Beachclub.
There leaves a train every hour (xx:08) and after only 24 minutes you arrive in the city center of Ghent.